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Ulices B. Melendez


5 perez0015

I found the perfect home I was looking for. I contacted ulices and he immediately jumped on the job! We ended up closing the deal on the house thanks to him and Jessica. In 29 days I had the keys to my …

5 rchivas1215

I just bought a house in Taft ca, as soon as me and my wife saw a house we both liked ulises rushed to show it to us and made the deal happen asap, he understood my situation i had at my work place so …

5 dalia choche

Mr. Melendez help me Get my first Home With No problem..his a good man he also help me out with my me a good refund..I recommend this guy to anybody that wants good professional help..

5 yadiagui4949

Ulices me ayudo a comprar mi casa fue muy honestoy eficas en su trabajo,puntual ala hora de enseƱarnos casas.lo puedo recomendar al 100% si alguien ocupara de su servicio.

5 user4498661

Ulices help us with everything he make everything so easy to us we wanted to get another house but he was pushing us because he knew that this was the best option do I am gland that we listed to him …

5 zulemaarambula89

Me gusto su servicio al cliente y sus empleados muy amables, y nos ayudaron de principio a fin, mi famila a comprado casas con el tambien. Los recomendamos.

5 tarynpalencia

Ulices was a very thoughtful and patient vender. He had a nice sense of humor and made us feel comfortable around him. He would show us houses and repeated ones, multiple times almost whenever we pleased, …

5 luis 29

Ulices took the time to make sure he found the house we where looking for he not only would ask my wife and I what we where looking for but took us to several different floor plans till he was able to …

5 carrillosherry

We had a great experience with him from begging to end!!! He helps us get our dream home in less than 3 months of course it was a process but I was recommended to him and I personal recommended him!! …

5 mariayfrankie

Ulices was very professional. He was always available in time I in had question or concern. This is the second time he has helped me. He has helped me in both purchasing and selling my home. I would …

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